The Letter 

I hid your letter under my

Pillow last night,

And when I awoke,

Your sweet words caressed my sleepy eyes:

Casting a timeless spell upon my heart

That I clutched the paper close to my chest

So that it,too could read and drown

In a sea of letters, words, sentences:

Every indentation commanded by your 

Beautiful hand-

That hand that feels so soft and so warm,

Brushing against my cheek.

Lips upon lips 

Our hearts search

Pushing through the boundary 

Of vulnerability, insecurity-

Their concealed nakedness,

Aching to collide in fiery bursts,

Searching for their own demise:

To find cadence within a single beat,

One rhythm within our chests forever.

I hid your letter under my pillow last 

Night and, when I awoke,

I got you.

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