Ode to a Season

I hover above the painted sky

Nature’s canvas spread out

In all its inky black splendour

Littered with a thousand glowing lights

Shimmering in tiny unison

As if in secret song.

I look down at you

You’re looking up at me

Arms hugging you tight

Shivering occasionally in

The company of the lonely

Night, whispering softly against your skin

You sing a little song

All for me:

Slow and melancholic like the breeze

A requiem for your heart:

To yesterday, when blood rushed through your veins

Painting your cheeks a splendid bright and ruddy hue

Giving you a sparkle in your eyes

Warming your soul.

Each tear rolling down

Is a eulogy

To joy and gladness

Trust and dependency

Love and passion

My luminescence bathes over you

We look at each other

In the still silence

You wipe a tear

And marvel at the beauty of the moon.

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