You’ve been walking

For so long you’ve

Forgotten where the road

Started and why you chose

Your path. Along the

Way, you have encountered

Diverse trials: you

Were scourged, mocked

And beaten. You were

Robbed, and had to

Go along your way

With an empty hand,

Empty promises and

And an empty heart.

It was during these moments

That you begged your

Father to take you home.

But he didn’t listen.

He didn’t abandon you,

But he watched and waited

As you trundled along

Like an aimless wanderer

You were; your compass

Long forgotten. Days were

Long and nights bitterly

Cold but yet you crawled on.

You called out to

Your Father again, but

This time not as

A shameful beggar or

A pitied victim;No;

With audacity you

Cried out, calling

To remembrance who you


Suddenly you could see

The horizon and what

Lay on it and

With a new burst

Of hope

you ran towards it.


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