Beauty and the Beast

Red bleeds across the blue sky which

Is in her eyes-an ocean set ablaze:

So deep and salty and fiery,

Her love washes over me with waves of

Warmth and soft, delicate kisses when the tide 

Is low-and exquisitely so.

Shifts carry jagged rocks hurled ceaselessly at me-

Forceful, paining

 and  yet excruciatingly beautiful. 

I pay my dues, and take in the bitter with the sweet

I’ve grown accustomed to the icy glare which 

Somehow burns my soul.

I’m captivated by her shifting tides

Bewitched by the gall spewing from 

Her perfect lips.

Days have never been brighter

And my chest never lighter.

And if I be a fool bound by blinding love,

Then this is how I’ll live out

The rest of my days.

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